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Mobile Game Analytics

The ultimate goal of any business is to maximize its investment. The key question here is if we are generating revenue at an optimal level, and if our operations are well streamlined in a manner that strives to eliminate wasteful spending. By focusing on the key ROI levers, getBIsmart will help your organization capitalize on opportunities to grow, while focusing on areas of improvement to reduce spend.

“Our goal is to provide you the data driven insights necessary to know what campaigns are working in order to improve your user acquisition costs, have reporting views in place to understand level progression and player game play drivers to improve engagement and retention, and to create a segmentation strategy that will focus on driving payer conversion and increasing lifetime spend from existing payers .”

Core Service Areas

Player Acquisition: Our team will develop statistical models, segmentation schemes, analyze and provide insights on acquisition metrics, what install sources are profitable? what are the best campaigns to run across the networks? what is the LTV of the players from the various networks, How long will it take to recoup marketing costs given player activity and future churn possibility? Our goal is to make the answers to questions like these available to you so campaigns can be optimized to run efficiently.

Reporting: We help define the Key Performance Indicators so you can better understand your player’s in-game activities. Our approach is to consider your player’s journey through the game, and use that as a basis to build out reports that will help shed light on ways to improve player’s game behavior. Our reports capture activities that touch on acquisition, retention, engagement, monetization, as well as segmentation reports that shed light on groups of payers and their defined tiers so players can be targeted with offers to increase their monetization power in the game.

Monetization : Conduct statistical analysis to inform decisions on opportunities to generate revenue, increase profitability, player lifetime Value, game experience and monetization. It is important that companies have visibility into payers that are about to abandon the game or have stopped spending. We create segmentation models to identify players who are high or low monetizers, and work on ways to move them from low monetizers to high monetizers. Our goal is to model out why your players purchase in the game and to create a system to encourage them to purchase more after their first purchase 

Engagement: We provide analytics strategy for the design of retention programs that promote player game experience and retention. Players churn for different reasons. What level are they churning on? The players that are engaged, why are they progressing through the levels with ease? are the levels too easy or difficult, are players engaging with our core game features? what does the decay curve of our DAUs look like, what we can we put in place to improve game play experience? Our job is to put data behind these player game experiences to help you design the ultimate game play that offers the best experience for your players.

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