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Who we are

At getBIsmart, we’re a team of passionate and dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience in the areas of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Though the systems we use may be complicated, our ultimate goal is and will always be a simple one: to provide companies with the help they need to support their businesses, end of story.

A major component of the services that we offer involves training either individual employees or your entire organization in the true power of analytics. Our tutors are well grounded and have a huge amount of experience in teaching, allowing us to show you and your team how to solve real business requirements, answer pressing business questions and solve significant challenges easier than ever before.

To that end, you might say that the true service that getBIsmart offers is one of empowerment: we put the tools in your hands that you need when you need them the most, showing you exactly how to use them to get the most not only from your investment in business intelligence and analytics, but from your business as a whole.

Investing in the Future of Your Business Through Business Intelligence:
The Story So Far

To say that data is important is something of an understatement, regardless of the industry you happen to be operating in or the type of business you’re trying to run. Data means understanding what drives your business. It means getting an unparalleled level of insight into not only where you started, but how you got to the point where you are today and where you’re going to be in five years. It’s about learning what influences user behavior on your website, in your app or game or in other content.

It’s about re-marketing. It’s about cost savings. It’s about monetization strategies. Most importantly, it’s about user engagement: finding out what your users are looking for and putting yourself in the best position to give it to them at precisely the right moment.

Unfortunately, most businesses have a problem. It’s not that they’re dealing with too little data or that they don’t have enough resources to draw from. Far from it. It’s that data is exploding, making it incredibly difficult for even the most well-equipped organization to keep up.

Why Data Matters

We’re living in an age where data matters more than ever before. Make no mistake about it: data is a lot more than just ones and zeroes in a database somewhere. It’s an idea that goes beyond purchase orders, invoices and customer relationship information. It’s a valuable way to learn as much

as you can about your customers, both existing and potential. It’s an analysis of who they are, what they want and how you can put yourself in the best position to give it to them. It’s a powerful weapon just waiting to be taken advantage of, giving you the chance to leverage the types of

actionable, meaningful insights that can be generated from it to give yourself a competitive advantage in the market at large. Data isn’t just your ability to look into the future – it can also be the road map you take to get there, IF you know how to apply it properly.

So how do you both work with data more effectively than ever before AND put yourself in a position where data analytics doesn’t become your full-time job?

The answer, thankfully, is a simple one: you contact getBIsmart.

The getBIsmart Approach

At getBIsmart, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you take your data and transform it into a story. We help you go beyond the numbers, cutting to the core at what that data is trying to tell you underneath. This in turn generates an incredible amount of knowledge, which you can then leverage into the types of insights and strategies necessary to increase your results and continue to build the type of business you always dreamed of running.

We’re able to do this in two core ways:


getBIsmart offers self-paced, live training courses in a range of Data Analytics topics – both live and in a corporate environment, both to individuals and to entire teams looking to boost their skills in the area of Data Analytics. Our unique and tested method focuses on teaching individuals about all of the core competencies they need, including but not limited to things like:

  • Analytics
  • Problem Solving Concepts & Techniques
  • Software Applications
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualization and more

Our training courses are designed to help develop, hone and build the skills your team will need to become richly marketable in an industry where there is currently an incredibly high demand for strong business and technical skills.

Consultation Services

In an effort to help organizations better unlock the insights they need, we work directly with companies to create customer or player journeys to translate their ideal customer experience into a diagrammatic model. This can then be richly analyzed in order to uncover gaps in the flow, as well as opportunities that can be capitalized that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Ultimately, we strive every day to bring you the most important benefit of all: we want to help improve ALL of your key performance metrics, enabling the type of growth for your company that will carry you well into the next five, 10 or even 20 years and beyond.

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At getBIsmart, we don’t just teach coding. We don’t just teach tools. We don’t just teach you how to look for trends or best practices. We teach analytics, period.

If your organization is interested in getting the most from your investment in business intelligence and analytics, or if you’re curious and you’d like to sit down with someone to discuss your own personal situation and requirements in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact getBIsmart today for more information.

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we don’t just teach coding or tools, we teach Analytics…