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At getbismart.com, we definitely understand just how important analytics are to your ongoing health and success as an organization. But at the same time, filling critical roles within your Analytics Department with any applicant just won’t do. It takes a special type of recruiter who understands not just what analytics can do in general, but how they can move you closer to achieving your larger goals and strategies on a daily basis.

Why choose getbismart Over Other Recruiters?

In truth, we see ourselves as more than just another form of recruiting for your organization. We’re true partners in your success in every sense of the word, leveraging our unique approach to filling a position to your advantage to make sure that your workforce is properly aligned with your own long-term strategic goals. You should absolutely choose us over other

recruiting sources for two main reasons:

We are experts in the field of analytics. This is what we do for a living, we live and breath data. Our team consults for small and big companies in the ecommerce, gaming and financial space. We also offer training in all areas of analytics.

Our interviewers have over fifteen years of experience in the industry, making them the
perfect people to identify precisely what you’re looking for – and to weed out what you’re not. Simply speaking, you need an analyst to hire an analyst.

This is a large part of why we’re dedicated to not only finding you the “right hire” – we’ll pull out all the stops to help you find the candidate that is the perfect fit for the unique goals you’re trying to accomplish. It truly doesn’t get much more important than that.

Above all else, we pledge that every candidate we bring to your organization will have ALL of the following qualities:

  • They will be self driven to a degree you have yet to experience. There’s no need to constantly watch over their shoulder, making sure they stay on task. Just tell them what you need done and it will be completed, end of story.
  • They’re highly motivated. They deeply believe in not only what analytics can do, but what they can do for your organization.
  • They’re team players – they understand that they’re going to be
    contributing to something much larger than themselves and can’t wait to get started.
  • They’re detail oriented, always on the lookout for ways to work “smarter, not harder.”
  • They’re respectful, which is a truly critical quality if you want to find someone who is going to fit in well with the existing
    employees that you’ve got working beneath you.
  • The term “huge advocates for learning” doesn’t even begin to describe them. These candidates are always on the lookout for ways to get better, to work more efficiently and to generate better results.
  • All candidates are highly resourceful, with a deep
    understanding of how to take the resources they have available to them and create something deeply powerful.
  • Candidates are also hands on. They’re at their best when they’re neck deep in an essential project and above all else, they have the raw skills and the unbridled talent to get the job done right the first time.

We believe that the following are our  most important goals:

  • Understand the OBJECTIVES, GOALS and STRATEGY of the Company and Hiring Management
  • Understand the NEEDS of the Hiring Manager
  • Understand the NEEDS of the Project You’re Working On
  • Find the Right People for the Right Job at Exactly the Right Time
  • Remove All of the Stress, Hassle and Worry From Hiring
  • Make Our Clients/Customers Happy and Content With Their Hiring Decisions

We are honored for the opportunity to help you hire well-grounded
candidates through our TESTED and TRUSTED recruitment process!

Are you in need of?

Data Scientists
Data Analysts
Data Reporting Analysts
Data Analytics Leads
Business Intelligence
And Much, Much More
By taking the time to get to know each client individually, it puts us in a better position to understand the OBJECTIVES you’re trying to accomplish and what larger GOALS you’re working on (and why they’re important in a long-term capacity). This in turn gives us the ability to revolutionize the
STRATEGY of filling positions, moving things away from finding anyone and everyone and narrowing our focus down to the right people for the right job at exactly the right time.

How Can I Get Started With the Hiring Process?

Step 01

Contact us through the message dialogue at the bottom if the page stating your Name, Name of company, email, Phone Number and what role you are trying to fill.

Step 02

An individual from our office will reach out to you immediately to set up a time to discuss your needs, our services and time frame for hire.

Step 03

Once we find you a candidate you are
considering, we send you an agreement to confirm the process.

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