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SQL For Analysts


This self-paced learning course was designed for individuals who are analysts or are preparing to work as analysts. Our instructors are working professionals who train students on various programs. The feedback from students of our Live SQL class, and requests from our subscribers, led the instructors to create this online video. The video captures the ultimate experience to motivate you to learn the craft of SQL query writing at your own pace and specifically as it relates to your role as an analyst.



It will help you for four main reasons:
  • It is practical. We pick a company as a case study, talk about how users who visit the company website interact with their products, and how the user activity data on the website is recorded in database tables
  • We will show you how to download Mysql, load the dataset for the class into the database, so you can practice the class queries as you follow the video.
  • When you get stuck with the lesson quizzes, you can ask your instructor questions on the board and you will get answers
  • Lastly, you will be a member of a support community with a shared interest in topics on SQL.


  • Quizzes
  • Quality Video Lessons
  • End of Course Project
  • Access to Instructor
  • 8 hour Lesson Videos
  • Data Set
  • One Year Access to Videos
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Application of SQL skills to Business Questions
  • Certificate of Completion


Getting familiar with databases and how SQL concepts fit in

Retrieving and manipulating data using SQL statements

  • Learn everything you need to know about retrieving data using the SQL Select statement, something that will come in handy day-in and day-out during your career.
  • Get an overview of simple SQL commands, deepening your understanding of the fundamentals.
  • Working with conditional expressions like “Where,” “Having” and understanding when and how to use them
  • Use aggregate functions to create summary views of your data with a focus on the “Group By” and “Order By” functions
  • Restricting and sorting data – one of the first steps towards unlocking the valuable insights that an organization will come to depend on.
  • Working with data manipulation statements like AND/OR statements, to go beneath your data to find out the real story that it’s trying to tell you.
  • Reclassify dimensions using Case Statements in order to show different views of your data
  • Become familiar with Data and Time conversion functions and how to manipulate them for analysis purposes
  • Find out about table and column aliases, which allow you to better compartmentalize your data to help make analytics easier than ever.

Solving complicated problems with advanced SQL queries

  • Deep dive into sub-queries including what they are, what they do, and when they’re best used
  • Learn how to update functions within existing records for faster processing.
  • Displaying data from multiple tables in the database by using “Table Joins.”
  • Learn why being able to drop and truncate tables is so essential in the world of analytics.
  • Understand the concept of Union and Union All
  • Become an expert in factors like “Top Clause,” “Like,” “Wildcards”, “IN,” “Between,” “Aliases” and other essential types of syntax in SQL.
  • Learn how to apply SQL concepts to create cohort analysis, segmentation models and more



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